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How To Make A Penis Cake


So, I once had to make a cake for my friend and former schoolmate, and he wanted a special kind of cake for his girlfriend, he loved very much, so he came up with an idea of a cake shaped like penis. As I was very open to suggestions, I found the idea challenging and did the job quite well. So here’s a quick photo tutorial how to make a penis shaped cake.

1.step: bake a square chocolate cake with your favorite recipe.

2.step: cut the cake using a long knife as you see on the photo, so you get 4 layers.

3.step: place the first layer on a serving platter and spread your favorite frosting evenly over the top.

4.step: top with the second layer and repeat till you use all the layers.

5.step: Make a dough with cookie crumbs, egg, milk, cocoa powder butter and sugar and form the “balls” and the “head” of the penis.

6.step: color 1/2 pound of fondant with yellow and a little bit of red edible color. and 1/4 pound of fondant with yellow, red, and a little bit of blue edible color.

7.step: roll each fondant into a square 0,2 inch thick. Cover the “head” of the penis with the smaller fondant square, and the “body” and the “balls” with the bigger fondant square. Cut the edges. At this point, your cake should look like this:

8.step: When you’re done, decorate your cake with whipped cream and melted chocolate.

Enjoy your cake :)



  1. This looks Fab im hoping the on I plan on making my friend in a few weeks turns out just as good lol

  2. YOU’RE A BIG FAT WHORE!!!!!!!

  3. that looks gorgeous lol first willy i ever wanted to eat haha

  4. This looks fab, can’t wait to try a munch! Can anyone tell me the quantities for the dough? Thanks

  5. Omg what a great looking cake I want to just lick all that up. Yummy :p

  6. On the penis cake, how did you make the vein in the center of the penis & please give recipe for cookie dough effects on the head & balls.

    • Hi!
      For the cookie dough, you can use the same recipe as for these coconut truffles. If you don’t have coconut flakes, just replace them with the same amount of cookie crumbs. You can form the vain in the center with this dough also.
      Here’s the recipe:

  7. Thank you so much for replying back. You are a jewel & I am saving A Big Fat Cook! God’s blessings!

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