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Zombie Cupcakes


For all zombie lovers, here’s a gallery of zombie cupcake ideas. And yes, they are awesome!

Zombie Halloween Cupcakes


mummy halloween fondant edible cupcake topper


mummy halloween fondant edible cupcake topper

moon and bats halloween fondant edible cupcake topper

boo edible fondant halloween cupcake topper

eyeball halloween fondant edible cupcake topper

Creepy Cupcake Kid

Rule #32 in Zombieland - Enjoy the little things

Brain Cupcakes

Halloween Zombie Graveyard Pull Apart Cupcake Cake by Tony Albanese

Zombie Cupcakes

zombie halloween fondant edible handmade cupcake topper

zombie hand edible cupcake topper

Halloween cupcake

Zombie Thumbs Up

Zombie Skelly Hand

Zombie Helli Kitty cupcakes!

Halloween fondant cupcake toppers

Brain Cupcakes



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