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Winx Cakes


If you’re making a cake for your little fairy at home, maybe you should take a look at these gorgeous ideas! Winx cake is the best answer, if you’re not sure what kind  of cake to make. Here are some awesome ideas how to decorate your very own Winx cake.

Torta Blomm Winx Believix / Bloom Cake Winx Believix

Torta Winx Enchantix (Bloom) / Winx Enchantix Fairy Cake (Bloom)

Winx Club Fairy Cake - Bloom


Winx Enchantix

Close-up Winx Stella

Torta fata Winx Stella / Winx Stella Fairy Cake

Castelo winx - winx castle cake

Winx Enchantix-Bloom


Winx Cake - Carolina



Stella from Winx, for Tatiana

Winx Pasta

Happy Birthday Manuela!

Winx, Branca de Neve, Bela Adormecida, Kitty e Dora

Winx Flora 1

Winx 2

Winx Cake

Bloom winx cake ~ עוגת בלום מווינקס

עוגה אישית-מועדון הווינקס


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  1. Hello, I’m from Czech Republic and I can not get anywhere Winx figurines. You can get it for you? Could you send me?
    Thank you Petra

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