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The Smurfs Cakes


Remember the Smurfs? Well, here’s a gallery of ideas of beautiful and creative Smurfs Cakes.

Elliese's Smurfs Cake

Papa smurf cake

Smurfs Cake / Şirinler Pasta

Smurf House Cake

Smurf cake

smurfs cake house= şirinler'in pasta evi

Smurf cake

Papa Smurf Cake

Smurfy birthday cake

Smurf Christening

Smurfday Cake

Smurf Turf Groom's Cake (It's Orange-Chocolate!)

Grandpa smurf retires...

Grandpa smurf retires...


chat_A Smurf Cake and a half!_guest_1

Smurf cake

Smurf Day Cake





  1. Please send me the recipe on how to make the smurf cake that has the house and the smurfs standing outside on each side.

    thank you

  2. Hi could you please teach me how to do the smurfs figurines? Do you have a video or pics that could help me?

    thank you

  3. I really love the one with the pink mushroom and the pink people!

    Can you send me the recipe on how to make it.

    I love it so much that i’m having it as my 10th birthday cake!!!!!!!

  4. hi there can you please email me a copy of the pink mushroom cake please.


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