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Dealing With Mushrooms


It’s great and healthy to go for a long walk in the forest, and bring home fresh forest mushrooms. But there are certain things you should know, before you decide to do so.

Mushroom Hunting Tips

  • First of all; Get yourself a good mushroom guide, study it and be sure to take it with you on a mushroom hunting journey.
  • You can never be too careful, when you are identifying mushrooms, because those poisonous mushrooms often look much alike edible ones. If you’re not sure whether it’s edible or not, it’s probably best to leave it alone
  • You should probably ask your friends or colleges for a good spot, where mushrooms grow. Most species require special conditions to grow.
  • Always bring along a good Swiss knife to cut the mushroom off the ground. Never pull it out – you don’t want to destroy the forest ecosystem.
  • Don’t use plastic bags when mushroom picking – Use a basket, so the mushroom seeds can fall out.

Mushroom cooking tips

  • When you bring home the mushrooms, you should cut off the dirt and the stem end, and wash them well.
  • Don’t soak them in water, because they tend to absorb too much water. just use a strainer and wash with running water.
  • You can preserve them in the refrigerator for a few days, or you can freeze them – but you have to cut them into smaller pieces, and cook them thoroughly before freezing.
  • All wild mushrooms should be cooked thoroughly before eating.
  • Some species can be dried and re-hydrated by pouring boiling water, wine or broth over and letting them steep for about 30 minutes.
  • If you grind the dry mushrooms, you get mushroom powder, which can be used to flavor many dishes.
  • Different species can be used interchangeably in most recipes
  • When the mushrooms interact with salt, they release the liquid, they contain. Salt them in the middle of sauteing process.
  • You can easily cut mushrooms with an egg-slicer.
  • You can cook the mushrooms in a microwave as well, or you can roast or grill them.


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