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Strawberry Minicake


Has it ever crossed your mind to make these beautiful miniature “minicakes”??
So tiny, beautiful and breathtakingly delicious.
A friend of mine recently gave birth, and I thought I’d surprise her by making her a cute minicake as a gift.
She always adored strawberries and everything made with strawberries. She is also a great fan of chocolate,
so I decided to make her a miniature version of “simple strawberry cake”, (you can find the recipe here.) Of course you’ll also need circular minicake models to make them.

This was my first attempt of minicake making, and i present you the results.

Oops, sorry, I already ate this one:) (But still, a great cook or a great baker always has to try his goods before serving them, I believe, of course I had to try it and yes, it was worth the effort. It tasted really good.)

This is what really came out. I used a lot (and I mean A LOT) of strawberry cream, and I used dark chocolate as topping.

I made some chocolate curls and used them to decorate the minicake. Chocolate curls are really easy to make, and you can use them to decorate almost anything. They also look (and taste) great, if you sprinkle them over the milky foam on your early morning coffee – you can sense the chocolate with every sip of your coffee. (works for me:))

Anyway, these minicakes look and taste wonderful, and they are not hard to make, so run to the nearest store, buy what you need, and make your very own:)!


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  1. Hi, your website is really cool. This strawberry cake looks yummy.
    Nice to meet you and thanks for liking my blackforest cake!

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