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Fried Cheese Puffs


Today, we’re going to learn to cook an Italian specialty. For Italian food addicts and those, who love the smell and the taste of smoked cheese, this recipe will definitely bring the smile on their faces.


  • 1 puff dough
  • 5 oz smoked cheese
  • vegetable oil for frying


Roll the puff dough using the rolling pin until it’s 0,2 inch thick. Use the cookie cutter to cut out the dough circles. Prepare the cheese filling – cut the smoked cheese into little squares. Place one square of smoked cheese onto each of the dough circles. Cover with another dough circle and press the circles on the edges to make sure they stick together good. Use a fork and press it around the edges of the circles to create a pattern. (this also prevents the puffs to fall apart).

Heat the oil for frying in a large saucepan (you can also use a fryer if you have one, but it’s OK if you don’t). Place the prepared circles into hot oil one by one. As they get golden brown on one side (it takes a few minutes or so), turn them around to fry on the other side as well.

When they are baked, pick them out of the oil and place them onto a paper napkin to absorb the extra oil.

Serve hot (as a snack or a side dish)!




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  1. Italian foods are so yummy and spicy that is why i love spaghetti and pizza. Oh those italian foods are so mouthwatering. :’,“ Regards healthmedicinelab

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